Louise Antony

Louise Antony writes: "I teach philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. My main research interests lie in the philosophy of mind, the theory of knowledge, and feminist theory. I have a special interest in philosophical questions about human nature, and my research in this area involves all of my various areas of specialization. I am also interested in what philosophers call the problem of "intentionality" -- the question of how thoughts and words "connect" to the world, how meaning comes about. Although much of my professional research is quite arcane, I feel strongly that academic philosophers -- especially those whose salaries are paid by taxpayers! -- have a duty to engage issues of concern to the general public. In that spirit, I have recently edited a collection of essays called Philosophers Without Gods, designed for non-specialists. The authors of the essays are leading philosophers who happen to be atheists, and who are willing to share their personal experiences and reflections about life without religious faith with the educated public."