In the UK there are the 'Page 3' models (in case you are unfamiliar with them,

In the UK there are the 'Page 3' models (in case you are unfamiliar with them, they are topless models that appear everyday in <i>The Sun</i>, usually with snippets of text about how young they are, and suggestive speech bubbles). Because <i>The Sun</i> is such a widely read publication and because that particular page is so popular, Page 3 is readily accessible on the bus, in the tube, on the kitchen table, in the newsagents, etc., etc. A while ago the politician Clare Short tried to get Page 3 outlawed because she said that it promoted sexism. She quickly got shouted down by other politicans and by the public who mocked her for being unattractive and whining. It seems to me that Clare Short had a point. If people, especially young kids, see this type of woman everywhere they go they might believe that woman are there to be eternally young and up for it, so to speak, and that it is okay to see them purely as sexual objects. Equality between men and women could be suffering from this, surely? Or is that sexuality is an important part of human life and people are just expressing themselves, and therefore to suppress it would be artificial? Any answers you can give would be great, thanks!

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