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Are certain artistic mediums more adept at expressing human experience than

Are certain artistic mediums more adept at expressing human experience than others?

In theplayful spirit of Professor Nahmias, let me defend architecture! What could be more fundamental human experiences than sheltering; being safe and warm; having a place that is yours or your family's; having a place that is private (these are all descriptions of the home); or alternatively, a place to fulfill oneself through work, to trade, to meet in order to debate and decide important matters, to watch theatre or movies, buy or borrow books, to worship, to pay respects, to be healed, to watch the beautiful game, and etc. (public or commercial buildings)?

We need to decide what we mean by 'experience', I suppose -- for example, do we mean big human and social needs, as in my answer, or do we mean intimate and personal matters? -- and also what we mean by 'adept at expressing' -- for example, does this mean able to produce an experience, able to communicate its meaning, able to make someone sympathise with an emotion?.

Yes, here they are in order from most to least adept at expressing the human experience: 1. Theater (plays) 2. Movies 3. Novels (and short stories) 4. Music 5. Dance 6. Painting 7. Sculpture 8. Architecture Who says philosophers can't give straight, objective-looking answers to questions that clearly don't have a single correct answer? Anyway, that's my answer, and I could give arguments for that ordering, but others could surely give arguments for a different ordering (or for none at all). If philosophy counts as an art form, then it comes in somewhere right above or below novels (says the English major who abandoned it for philosophy!)